Shop FAQ

New Orders

All orders are processed within 8-10 business days (excluding weekends and holidays) after receiving your order confirmation email. You will receive another notification when your order has shipped.

Return Policy

We do not accept returns or exchanges. In the event that the artwork may be damaged in the shipping process, please contact us here.

Originals and Custom Works

If you are interested in purchasing original works or inquiring about custom pieces, please contact here.

Shipping Policy

We offer both domestic and international shipping. Shipping charges for your order will be calculated and displayed at checkout.

International Shipping

For international purchases, your order may be subject to import duties and taxes (including VAT), which are incurred once a shipment reaches your destination country. We are not responsible for these charges if they are applied and are your responsibility as the customer.

If your country is not listed upon check-out, please contact us about specialized shipping.

In-Person Pickup

You can skip the shipping fees with free local pickup at the address listed below. After placing your order and selecting local pickup at checkout, your order will be prepared and ready for pick up within 7 business days. We will send you an email when your order is ready along with instructions.

791 Tremont St., N104 Boston, MA 02118


If you opt to pick up your order in-person, the standard layaway term is limited to 90 days. Beyond 90 days, there will be a 20% storage fee for each additional month, should you still wish to pick up your order. After 90 days, we reserve the right resell the artworks.

Display & Hanging Tips

Protect your investment further from environmental conditions by taking the following precautions:

  • Hang your artwork in a room with indirect daylight and illuminate it with incandescent lighting. Ultra-violet rays from sunlight and florescent lighting are harmful to paper as well as certain inks and paints. For added protection, have the work framed with ultra violet filtered glass or plexiglass.
  • Keep the art away from radiators and other sources of heat. Do not hang the work on walls which contain flues or heating pipes.
  • Your art is susceptible to damage from humidity and dry conditions. If the humidity in the room where the art is located exceeds 70%, air-condition or de-humidify the area. Extremely dry conditions such as below 30% relative humidity should be avoided as it may encourage brittleness.
  • When hanging heavy art (anything over ten pounds) first locate the studs in the wall which are usually spaced at 16-inch intervals behind drywall, plaster or paneling. Tap along the wall until you reach a spot that sounds solid.

Matting and Framing

This fine art print has been produced by Color Circle Art Publishing. Each edition has been printed on 100% archival paper which has an acid free, neutral pH content. With the proper handling and care your fine art investment will provide many lifetimes of enjoyment. Tests have shown that properly cared for art prints have lives in excess of 300 years. Do not keep your print rolled up for any extended period of time. Unframed work should be stored flat until it can be framed. Depend only on experienced picture framers concerned and knowledgeable in conservation framing to assist you. Improper matting and framing can cause damage to your art print. Discoloration and deterioration are caused by the use of standard non-conservation mat boards. Acids in these standard mats can cause paper to turn brown, become brittle and eventually deteriorate. Only all rag, pH 7.5 acid free materials should be in direct contact with the front or back of the print. The print should never be permanently secured to the mounting board by any method. A properly mounted fine art print will buckle over time because the paper expands and contracts. This is a normal condition and can be corrected by your framer who will remount the work.

The collector value will be affected if the original condition of the print is altered in any way.